Terms & Conditions

By buying with us, the customer agrees to below terms that applies to all Online Sales:

Coroplast Model

All coroplast model are made of 10mm  thickness Coroplast. It is customer’s responsability to mount the prop so they can withstand canadian weather condition.

All models will be shipped in cardboard box. If the package is damaged during shipping process, customer must take a picture or video and contact us info@mo-del.ca.

It is customer’s responsability to inspect the model and make sure that it’s not damaged within 30 days of package receipt. For manufacturing issue, contact us with picture or video at info@mo-del.ca for return process method.

As we’re ramping up business, we’ll try to decrease our production lead time in 2021. For now, all model sthat are “back-order” please allow a full 15 days for production lead time.

Electronics and other accessories

It is customer’s responsability to provide a good design for his light show. Bad electrical design can lead to equipment or component failure, which moDEL Lights can’t be responsible of.
moDEL Lights is not responsible for any bad designs, installations, wirings or configurations of any type, that may have caused equipment/devices failure.

For electronic devices (power supply, controller and accessories), in case of real manufacturing issue, please contact us with a picture or video info@mo-del.ca

For ws2811 pixels, a 2 years warranty applies. In case of a manufacturing issue, please contact us at info@mo-del.ca, we’ll provide pixel replacement.

Contact us

If you have any questions or doubts related to these terms and conditions, please contact us at info@mo-del.ca