This FM transmitter is designed as an add-on for several of the Beagle based controllers to add direct FPP controlled FM transmission. It plugs into the 11pin header on the K32A-B or K16A-B and will broadcast the audio out on the FM channel configured in FPP. The FM transmitter requires the Si4713/VAST-FM FPP Plugin to be installed in order to configure and enable the the FM transmission and the audio must be configured to use the on-board pcm5102a audio DAC. The FPP Plugin will also allow transmission of RDS information like station name, song information, etc… to radios that can receive and display that information.

NOTE: The FM transmitter will NOT come with any sort of antenna attached. The user will need to create a suitable antenna (a simple 75cm wire will work for most cases) and solder it to the transmitter.

By default, the 11 pin male header is soldered onto the bottom so it can be quickly mounted onto the K16A-B or K32A-B. However, if you plan to use the transmitter with a different controller that doesn’t have the mounting header, it may be easier to purchase without the header pre-soldered. You could then solder it on the top to allow the transmitter itself to be mounted to a mounting board.