This is the perfect outdoor enclosure to mount electronics and power supply. It’s easy to install and provides water resistance to your project.

Here are the full specifications and details provided by AFL company:

Parameter Value
Dielectric Strength Minimum 2500 Vrms for 1 minute
Torque (mounting bosses) 20 in./lbs.
High Temperature Storage/Mold Stress °F (°C) 14 days at 159 (70.55)
Temperature Cycling with Humidity °F (°C) 150 day cycling from 40 to 140 (4.44 to 60) with 95% RH
Impact Test °F (°C) -40 (-40), 5 ft./lbs. on all external surfaces
Drop Test °F (°C) -40 (-40), 5 ft. (152.4 cm) onto concrete surface 4 times
Rain 24 hours at 10 psi
UV Resistance (Days Exposed) 60 per ASTM-G26-84
Salt Fog (Days Exposed) 60 per ASTM-BLL7-90
Flammability UL94-5V
Chemical Resistance 30 Days at 100°F and 95% RH
Resists chipping and/or cracking when subject to: house paint,
wasp spray, sulfuric acid, kerosene and sodium hydroxide
Material UL® listed flame retardant thermoplastic alloy
Dimensions (H x W x D) in. (cm) 12.25 x 12 x 5.25 (31.10 x 30.50 x 13.30)
Cable Entrances in. (cm) diameter – Output 5 x 0.625 (1.5)
Cable Entrances in. (cm) diameter – Input 2 x 0.750 (1.9), 1 x 0.650 (0.6) (ground wire)
Covers Molded-in snap finger and or 3/8″ hex head fastener and F term