All pixels related shop

To get you started on your own journey for light shows, we provide some of the fundamentals to create masterpieces.

  • Pixels – High quality WS2811 bullets pixels

  • Coroplast Models – 10mm black, white and coloured corrugated plastic models

  • Accessories and wires – Flexible mounting strips, pixels pliers, pigtails, etc

Access shop

Turnkey project

Expertise and knowledge is the core of our fully dedicated team ready to create a unique light show. From brainstorming to installation and commissioning, we provide high standard turnkey solutions.

  • Estimate – Get accurate cost of your ideas

  • Engineering – All our electrical packages are approved and sealed by engineers

  • Design – 3D models, mecanical and electrical drawing, 3D simulation

  • Code and Sequence – From embedded system to high level sequencer, our programmer will do the magic

  • Installation and assembly – Certified electricians will complete all installation and assembly of the projects

Turnkey Project




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